Attention Credit Union Board Members & Executives!!!
Are you a credit union board member, volunteer, CEO or part of the Supervisory Committee?

You need the Credit Union Management Succession Plan Manual!!

What would you do as a credit union board director if your CEO left? Do you have a strategy in place? Do you know how to evaluate executive talent to replace him/her? Who will run the credit union in the interim and what level of authority will that person have? As CEO, have you protected the credit union in case you became incapacitated?

Prudent governance points to having a plan for when the unexpected happens. Should your CEO leave, retire or become incapacitated, how would you handle the situation? The Credit Union Management Succession Plan Manual is your safety net to having procedures, strategies and solutions to make sure the credit union continues to operate successfully, and the best possible candidate is chosen to carry on.

This easy to read, fully functional workbook/guide will walk you through the following steps:

  • Defines the role of the Supervisory Committee
  • Communicating the coming change to the membership and press
  • Internal vs. external CEO candidates: pros and cons of each
  • Hiring an interim CEO
  • Managing the search process
  • Sample interview questions for prospective CEOs
  • Interview warning signs
  • Candidate comparison/evaluation Index
  • Sample Credit Union CEO job description
  • Grading candidate management skills
  • Using the Leadership Evaluation Form and Work Skills Index
  • Sample press releases and staff memorandums
  • Interim CEO authority checklist
  • And Much More!!!!

Don't wait!! Here are five reasons to buy this manual NOW!!

  1. Protects your credit unions future
  2. Takes away the uncertainty about how to handle an unexpected management change
  3. Meets and exceeds examiner expectations by conducting your due diligence
  4. Arms the Board and Supervisory Committee with the tools to conduct an orderly professional transition
  5. Demonstrates your leadership skills to your credit union membership by anticipating and managing change!

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About the Author:

Donnelly K. Eurich has been a nonprofit executive and consultant for 33 years. He managed the Michigan Association of Credit Unions for eight years and during that tenure consulted with dozens of credit unions on operational and loan portfolio efficiency, conducted numerous CEO searches, including managing the interview process and compensation components and provided strategic guidance and worked closely with state and federal regulators. This manual is the result of countless interviews with volunteers and credit union executives who needed this tool to better ensure the safety and soundness of their credit union.